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All testimonials have been independently verified and have not been edited in any way.  Only names have been changed to respect the privacy of clients.

“I reached out to Samantha for some help and guidance with our 16 year old son.  He had been through a bit of an ordeal following an illness and a significant amount of time in hospital which resulted in him being separated from his peer group and he distanced himself from the world and everyone around him.  He had spent basically the entirety of 2 years in his bedroom and no amount of persuasion could get him out and he refused to see a therapist.

He started to say some worrying things so I researched to find a therapist and found Samantha, we convinced him to try one session and if he still felt unhappy he didn’t have to return.  Thankfully the day we met Samantha he felt comfortable around her and continued to go to each session.  Almost immediately we saw a change and little by little he began to have more contact with us and then he branched out to extended family and so on and so on.  He returned to education after nearly 3 years and he transitioned with no issues thanks to the skills Samantha had equipped him with.
We can never express how much Samantha has done for us she gave us back our son, she holds a very dear place in our heart she is undoubtedly an earth angel”.

(From Ann, Mum to David)

“Samantha worked with my teenage daughter for almost a year and a half. When we started with Samantha, my daughter was at a very low ebb, she had no confidence and was very unhappy. With Samantha’s help and guidance my daughter has come on in leaps and bounds. Samantha really helped her to deal with her anxiety and emotional issues and was always a great support to me as well. My daughter has now started her first year in college and is a much happier and confident person and I would really like to thank Samantha for all her help and support. I don’t know how we would have got through this without her” 

(From Clare, Mum to Sally)

So lucky to find Samantha, from Prosperous Counselling. Our 14yr son had stopped going to school. We did not know what to do and were getting desperate. We had approached the doctor, school, etc. with no success to understand what was going on. These people were great, but did not have a solution for our issue at that time.
Within minutes at the first session, I somehow felt Samantha would get to the root of the problem, and was the person to help us.  After each session, we would feel so much better. My wife remarked this also.  Samantha addressed two problems for us. Not going to school and getting him back to us. He had become a bit remote from us, me (dad) in particular. Not like him becoming a man and independent, more like he was lost to me. I had identified this problem before the school issue broke out, and tried so many things with no success.

Not only has she got him to go back to school and attending classes, but also has him restored back to us. I personally am so indebted to Samantha for this.  
Samantha works with families, and tackles problems with the family unit. This is such a great system. Beware of people that would get him back to school, but not tackle the underlying problem. This will only solve the problem in the short term. These are also great people, but their job is to get the school situation sorted out.  We did not have any problems getting our son to attend the sessions. He would not normally want anything like this, but trusted Samantha. She seems to have a feeling about how much she can push things, and does not scare anyone. Very important with a teenager. If they don’t attend, can’t work towards the solution.  Also, keep the school involved, ours gave great support. We feel very it is important to have Samantha give guidance on this.  For a lot of the early sessions, we were present with our son. Samantha gauges what is comfortable for all parties, and works accordingly.  It is so effortless from her, because she is so good at her job – highly qualified, experienced and most importantly, she seems cut-out for doing this job.

If you are having a problem with your child, try booking a session with Samantha.
You will certainly feel better after it and more than likely see a solution for your issue.  We hold Samantha in such high regard, hard to describe in words.  No connection with Samantha except as a patient.  Again, Thanks Samantha for all you have done for us.  

(From Tony, Dad to David)

“It is no exaggeration to say that meeting Samantha was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I started seeing her during a particularly low-point in my life and my marriage, and after 10 years of chronic insomnia and low-grade depression. I immediately felt I could trust her, and more importantly that she could help me. The difference between Samantha and other therapists I have seen in the past is that she has a wide but deep level of knowledge and experience in so many traditions and methods, and this gave her the flexibility to bring the right tools and approach to our sessions depending on where I was in my personal path to recovery. She also pointed me to other resources which I have found life-changing and continue to use right now. The result is I am now a man transformed – and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier or more content, which is something I didn’t think I’d be saying this time last year!

Thank you Samantha!” 

(From Adam)

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